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The history of PIA flight simulators dates back to the inception of the airline. Extremely effective for flight crew training, PIA B707 flight simulator has been used by a number of regional airlines. Until the turn of the century, Air Malta, Alyemda, CAAC, Egypt Air, East African Airlines, Iran Air, Iraq Air, Libyan Air, JAT, Tarom, Saudia, Alia and Pakistan Air Force have utilized PIA's flight simulators for the training of their flight crew. PIA maintains B777,A310 and B747 FFS; for in-house flight crew training and other and airlines can also schedule training sessions. PIA Flight Simulators are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan as per FAA advisory circulars. Following services are offered to other operators crew training:

  • Transition training
  • Recurrent training
  • Customized training

Simulators can be booked along with PIA Instructors but customers can choose to use their own instructors as well. Contact: khiorpk@piac.aero, m.khalid@piac.aero.

Flight Simulators Data

Specifications B777-300 B747-238 A310 –300

Basic Engine & Options

GE90-115B Rolls Royce RB211 GE-CF6/80C2A8


THALES (UK) Singer Link Link Miles / Thales, UK


RACE IV+ SEL Gould 32-77 SEL Gould32-97/80

Motion Control Loading

6DOF EM2K Electro Mechanical

Digital Control Loading

6DOF Hydrostatic

Analogue Control Loading

6DOF Hydrostatic

Digital Control Loading

Visual System

EP1000CT with LCOS Projectors, Day, Dusk, Night SP1/T, 4 Windows, 3 Channels, Dusk, Night SPI/T , Six Windows, 4 Channels, Dusk, Night

Date in Service with PIA

November 2011 April 2006 April 2006  

Instructor Operating Station

Forward Facing Dual Touch Screen IOS Dual Monitors Double touch screen Monitors


PCAA Level - D PCAA Level - GC PCAA Level- GC

Other Features

AIMS II Block Point 6, EGPWS, Weather Radar TCAS A/P-FD Sperry   TCAS-II, EFIS- TCSF

FMS Honeywell


PIA Flight Simulator