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Conditions and Penalties

Home » Conditions and Penalties » Dhakka/Delhi/Mumbay

Penalties/Charges for tickets issued from Dhakka/Delhi/Mumbay to travel PK International sectors

(Effective 01st JAN, 2009 till Further Notice)
COB Charges
Not Applicable
No-Show Charges
  Originating Segment (For travel from Dhakka/Delhi/Mumbay) Return Segment (For travel to Dhakka/Delhi/Mumbay)
Applicable within four hours of flight departure or after flight departure Charge USD 20/- Charge USD 20/-
Refund Charges
Fully Unutilized ticket Half/Partially Utilized tickets
In case ticket is FULLY UNUTILIZED In case Ticket is Half/Partially Utilized i.e. one or more segments have been travelled by the passenger,
USD 20/- will be charged as refund charges Deduct one way fare of the travelled segment/segments



  1. The above charges apply only for tickets issued in Dhakka/Delhi/Mumbay and travel originating from Dhakka/Delhi/Mumbay.
  2. Charge(s)/Penalty(ies) apply to adult, child and infant (occupying a seat).
  3. Charge(s)/Penalty(ies) shall be levied in addition to any applicable difference of fare that may be due to change of seasonality, class of travel or any other reason.
  4. Refund not applicable on remaining flight(s) if ticket is utilized out of sequence.
  5. Charges will be Waived in case of death of passenger (official documents required)
  6. Void Charges: Not applicable.
  7. Above Conditions /Penalties apply both on tickets issued by PIA offices and agents.
  8. In case of applicability of More than one penalty, only one penalty/charge which ever is higher will be payable.
  9. Change of Booking Charges on International Tickets will not be applicable in case of any Change in Reservation on Pure Domestic Sector within Pakistan.
  10. These Changes will be applicable through out the year.
  11. Any change made within four hours of flight departure will be consider equivalent to NO-Show; and No-Show charges will be collected.