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The A Plus Executive Program:

The A Plus Executive Program is virtual Loyalty suite that comes packed with special features, designed to facilitate PIA Corporate Frequent Travelers by providing them Smart Solutions and Value Added services. Each time an enrolled employee travel on PIA, not only the employee gets the A+ miles but the employer also enjoys the benefit of incremental miles. Indeed, as A Plus Executive Member Company you earn miles when enrolled employees in this program travel on PIA.  

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    PIA is an international airline serves four continents, covering 35 International destinations across 26 countries in USA, UK, Canada, Europe Far East and Middle East. PIA network covers entire length & breadth of Pakistan. In the financial year 2006-07.

    We therefore invite you to advertise in Humsafar to promote your brand in the local & international markets, as we know that for such a company like you; what is really meant by quality, perfection and delivering the best results as per expectations. And so do we care our valued passengers and corporate customers.


    Web Link Humsafar : http://www.piac.aero/humsafar/index.aspx

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