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The workshop offers repair / test and engine run facilities for a variety of GE, Pratt & Whitney and CFM Engines. The key features involve engine testing, upgraded with cutting-edge test cell acquisition system facility. It can be used to accommodate all FADEC / EEC powered engines.


We have the state-of-the-art Structure Repair Shop which can perform complex repairs and also develop various repair schemes. Moreover, our NDT shop staff are qualified on EN4179 Standards for radiography, UV crack detection, Eddy Current inspection, radio-isotope & gamma ray techniques for detecting hidden cracks.


The shops have expertise in complete overhaul / repair of mechanically- and pneumatically- driven devices and components. The shops are equipped with state-of-the-art technology handling the most sophisticated equipments, including modern testing equipments required for overhaul / repair of landing gears of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.


PIA's Avionics Shops offer test, repair, overhaul & modification of a wide range of electrical and electronic aircraft components and accessories. The shops are equipped with the latest testing and modern overhauling facilities,  such as Automated Test Equipment ATEC 6000, Galley workstation by M/s SELL, ELT Test & programming equipment, and DFDR/CVR Test and Readout facility. A comprehensive Electronics Standard Lab provides calibration services for a variety of electrical, electronic, digital & electro-mechanical tools & test equipment


A separate section comprising of a well-trained taskforce is responsible to maintain the spotless appearance of the aircraft exterior, which includes airframe stripping and repainting. The shop has refurbishment capability to ensure defect-free aircraft cabins and overhaul of flight safety equipment.