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Welcome to PIA Training Center (PTC). An institution of comprehensive instruction dedicated to impart quality training in all the major areas associated with civil air transport. Established in 1960, PIA Training Centre is the leading Institution in the region. We have one of the most advanced Airline training infrastructures approved by local and international regulatory authorities such as PCAA (Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and IATA (International Air Transport Association). In addition the only PCAA approved ANO-147 Training institute in the region.

At PIA Training Centre (PTC), specialist instructors are assigned to impart rigorous training to those who fly, those who provide front line Airport Services, as well as to those who service and maintain various types of aircraft (A-300, A-310, A-320, B-747-200, B-737 and B-777). The training aids and equipment used are the latest; and the methods of knowledge and skill transfer adopted are varied and pragmatic in approach. Classroom lectures are augmented by group discussion, observations, experiments, simulations, case studies, etc. Study tours to a number of PIA facilities are regularly conducted and seminars on topics of general interest are frequently convened.

  • To develop and conduct quality training as per the requirements of user departments and regulatory authorities.
  • To maintain centralized training database of all PIA personnel for organizing HR activity.
  • To maintain regular contact with vendors regarding new functionalities, modifications and additions to update training programs and development of the instructors.
  • To formulate criteria which will enable the training of PIA personnel achieve excellence in their respective fields/functions.
  • To conduct courses, workshops, seminars, conventions, and to present papers so as to make PTC a prominent brand in aviation training in the region.

The prestige and esteem that the Training Center enjoys has been a result of tireless efforts expended, since the very inception of PIA in 1956, in making the programs of study worthy of its name. Training has been offered for PIA employees as well as for other airlines’ staff intending to work, or already working as members of the cockpit and flight service crew, as passenger service and marketing staff, and as mechanics and engineers, etc. It was in 1960 that all training was amalgamated under one roof at the Hotel Midway House, Karachi. The Center was moved to its present premises in October 1975.

For many years the PIA Training Center has also been instrumental in rendering training to a large number of pilots, engineers, flight stewards/stewardesses, traffic and sales personnel from over 30 airlines and associated agencies worldwide, mostly from Asian and African countries.