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Corporate Safety & Quality Assurance Division is capable of providing assistance/services in the following areas:

Flight & Ground Safety Services
Flight Safety Auditing

Flight safety is a matter of cardinal importance in the aviation industry. PIA offers a range of services to help airlines meet international regulations and improve operational safety conditions.

PIA offers customized operational safety audits for small airline operators, backed by a team of experienced internal flight safety auditors.

Aircraft Accident Investigation
PIA also offers the following consulting services:

  • Investigations following a serious aircraft accident
  • Consulting services for flight and cabin safety

Airside Ramp Familiarization & Defensive Driving
Corporate Safety & QA (CS&QA) has been conducting effective training on Airside Ramp Familiarization & Defensive Driving. Majority of CS & QA Training Programs are CAA certified.

Publishing Services
PIA offers design, development, editing, and printing services to commercial operators for the following products:

  • Aircraft Emergency Equipment Location Charts
  • Passenger Safety Briefing Cards
  • Flight Safety Publications

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Services
FDM System Automation & Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Facility
If you have aircraft weighing above 27,000Kg, it is mandatory to implement FDM/FDA. For establishing compliance, you can outsource your mandatory Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) / Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) program to PIA for comprehensive analysis. As otherwise it will be an expensive & complex venture for relatively small operators. PIA is one of the pioneers for implementing FDM/FDA and now enjoys a renowned position in this region.

FDM Reports
Regular FDM statistical periodic reports (both tabular & graphic) and specific reports (like steep landing, unstable landing, hard landing, heavy landing etc.) focusing performance, can also be generated for proactive Safety Management. Based on the requirements of Accident Prevention Program we are using application software Airbus/Teledyne Flight Analysis Safety Explorer (AirFASE) Version B having 3D Animation and Airport Visualization support, which is state-of-the-art tool for Flight Data Analysis (FDA).

PIA has assistance capabilities for FDM which is at par with global aviation industry standards & practices.

Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training Services
CRM Initial & Recurrent Trainings
PIA offers human factor training that meets the ICAO Annex-6 CRM. PIA offers CRM Phase 2 training for cockpit crew, cabin crew, and dispatchers. PIA’s CRM facilitators have been trained by Continental Airlines – USA, the airline that pioneered CRM training.

Emergency Response Planning (ERP) Services
Flying is one of the safest forms of travel, thanks to strict adherence to standardized operating procedures, sound regulatory oversight, extremely high levels of mechanical reliability, and the unremitting efforts of well trained staff. The airline industry has repeatedly demonstrated exceptional resilience in the face of major crises, thanks to effective contingency planning and a good track record of everyone in the industry pulling together when an emergency occurs.

Apart from aircraft accidents, aviation emergency response planning has been widening its scope to cover a range of other operational emergencies that may affect the travel and tourism industry. These could include natural disasters, health-related crises, or unusual security alerts, all of which can have a major disruptive impact on airline operations. In all such cases, various crisis management and contingency planning skills can be applied to both prepare for and manage such emergencies.

Pakistan International Airlines pays the utmost attention towards passenger care and takes every step to make its operation safe and sound. Nevertheless, some time weather or other factors may lead to an untoward situation. Accordingly to efficiently respond to such situations and to minimize the losses if accident occur, PIA has put on considerable efforts in the area of Emergency Response Planning (ERP) which on one side gives integrated course of operational actions for effectively coping with an emergency and on the other side ensures that its valued customers and their families should escape trauma, mishandling, neglect or receive due care following an unfortunate accident or air crash. A dedicated Emergency Response Planning Section has been established and the procedures have been elaborated with minute details for handling the emergencies. During such major emergencies, Emergency Response Centre (ERC) Karachi will be the nerve centre to support the operations at the station concerned.

Furthermore, ERC Team, Field Team, Family Assistance & Support Team and Station Teams have been formulated to perform their specific roles. A network of Family Assistance & Support Volunteers has been structured and training of the various teams and volunteers has been started. Besides their family assistance role PIA Volunteers are also being trained in basic rescue, elementary fire fighting and first aid to injure so could be helpful in responding to natural disasters, earthquakes, fires and day to day accidents as well. The Emergency Response Facilities at Head Office include the soft data storage of teams and volunteers. An organized call back system for contacting the affected families is also being devised. Right after an accident ERP activities start at the station concerned with the immediate notification to Rescue, Fire & Emergency Services, and PIA / GHA Team Members who start handling of victims at lounges, hotels and hospitals by utilizing local resources.
Station where accident has taken place or Station Nearest also informs Situation Room Karachi who triggers an IVR based notification to all Emergency Team Members through PIA Contact Centre. Emergency Response Centre starts functioning within 30 minutes of notification and members of ERC Team comprising of senior executives immediately respond in an organized and coordinated manner. Simultaneously Members of Field Team also report here and get briefing of the situation and leave for the site of accident. PIA keeps on updating its ERP and strengthens it through regular training sessions and exercises.

Quality Assurance (QA) Services
Quality Management System (QMS)

Corporate Quality Assurance Section has a team of Professionally Qualified personnel having vast experience of QMS consultancy, audits and systems development. Qualified technical experts from various customer related departments are also in the panel for assistance. QMS services capabilities relates to both aviation and non-aviation industry.

IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)
IOSA Certification is considered a symbol of international standard for safe operations, designed specifically by IATA for operators. PIA QA Auditors are actively involved in assisting other airlines in systems development for IOSA Certification. PIA has been successfully maintaining IOSA Certification since 2005 and is familiar with the operational, management and QA requirements in this context.

Management System Audit
Corporate Quality Assurance Section has a team of experienced & qualified auditors. Our lead auditors are competent; they have been carrying out 1st and 2nd party audits. Internal and 2nd Party audits play a very important role for ensuring that the QMS components are in place and effective. It prepares the organization for 3rd party certification audits such as IOSA & ISO 9001.

Gap Analysis
Before introducing a new management system in an existing setup or upgrading or integrating any existing management system, a gap analysis exercise is very useful. It provides the guidelines for the management to efficiently manage the transition or upgrade.

Systems Development
Every system is built on foundations of a given standard translated into policies and procedures for the organization to implement a standardized management approach. All Manuals, work-instructions, information management and communication system, training exposition and KPI’s have to be synchronized with the organizational vision, in a way to ensure continual improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction. PIA also offers systems development consultancy for its clients for consolidating QMS implementation efforts.

Compliance Management
PIA has assistance capabilities for compliance management support. Ever changing internal and external environment and in statuary and international legal requirements demands active response and adjustment by organizations. PIA has been successfully maintaining compliance to all subscribed standards ranging from CAA requirements, QMS, IOSA.

IT Solutions for QA: Audit Database Management
PIA also offers Quality Database Management System Software Support Services to interested clients. PIA is using its own customized software for handling QA functions. PIA’s IT department’s programmer and project managers are capable of building state-of-the-art software packages. IT department is a source of in-house software design, development and maintenance.

Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation Services
Safety Management System (SMS)
SMS implementation is a mandatory requirement of CAA Pakistan, it is also recommended by ICAO and IOSA. PIA has initiated SMS implementation under ICAO Standard & Recommended Practices (SARPs) Annex 6 since mid 2008. PIA has qualified professionals on SMS. Organizations involved in Safety Critical Operations can utilize our SMS expertise for their benefit. A typical SMS implementation program focuses on;

  • Setting Safety policy and objectives
    • Management commitment and responsibility
    • Safety accountabilities of managers
    • Appointment of key safety personnel
    • SMS implementation plan
    • Coordination of the emergency response plan
  • Safety Risk Management
    • Hazard identification processes
    • Risk assessment and mitigation processes
    • Internal safety investigations
  • Safety Assurance
    • Safety performance monitoring and measurement
    • The management of change
    • Continuous improvement of the safety system
  • Safety promotion
    • Training and education
    • Safety communication

Risk Assessment
SMS philosophy is to manage safety by managing all threats to safety. The better we are able to map the inherent & potential risks in our operations, the better we will be able to manage our operational safety. This demands a careful assessment of existing and potential risks. A safety conscious organization may opt for availing our risk assessment capabilities exclusively. Such risk assessments will be based upon organization’s defined risk acceptability criteria and/or against given industry reference.

Operational Safety & Security Audit
Organizations having established safety & security management systems can use our Auditing Capabilities to assess their level of compliance to subscribed standards. Our qualified QA auditors will thoroughly evaluate the system and report their findings and observations as an independent evaluation of your systems and their performance.

Gap Analysis
To prepare feasibility for having a new management system demands an intelligent Gap Analysis exercise. It saves time and cost of system development and enables an organization to define best strategy for optimal utilization of its resources. PIA’s qualified auditors can be engaged for conducting gap analysis to evaluate the strength of existing SMS of your organization.

Systems Development for SMS
PIA offers SMS related systems development services to its clients. Every system is built on foundations of a given standard translated into policies and procedures for the organization to implement a standardized management approach.
All Manuals, work-instructions, information management and communication system, training exposition and KPI’s have to be synchronized with the organizational vision, in a way to ensure continual improvement and enhanced safety. PIA also offers systems development consultancy to its clients for consolidating SMS implementation efforts.

Risk Based Resource Allocation
SMS enables the management to take Risk Based Decision and to ensure Risk Based Resource Allocation. How this will be achieved and how this approach will be implemented are some key questions. It demands an effective and efficient SMS to be in place. Top management of any organization, if committed for ensuring Safe Operations, need intelligent data, analysis, reports and risk based recommendations from middle management.

SMS serves as a decision support system for the top management. It not only minimizes the resource wastages but also legally strengthen the validity of decisions taken. Acquiring SMS Implementation Services from PIA establishes solid foundation for Risk Based Resource Allocation Capabilities of an organization.

Just Safety Culture Development
SMS requires a just and positive safety culture to get maximum benefit from the system. Every organization always has some level of safety culture. It’s a matter of measuring it, introducing appropriate Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) with top management participation and involvement. Every individual has to be given awareness and empowerment so that he/she can contribute in the best possible way for safety enhancement. Organizations interested in evaluating their level of safety culture in comparison with industry and global data can use our specialized services.

Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Services
Design and Development of HSE System
Highly qualified team of professionals with diversified expertise in manufacturing, maintenance, services & food hygiene in the field of aviation and other industries, is capable to design, develop, implement & controls of HSE system. PIA has established HSE Management system with Strong commitment to health & safety of its passengers, customers & employees. PIA is contributing its social responsibility towards care of environment and protection of natural resources.

Gap Analysis
A tool enabling an organization to assess its actual performance with its potential for improvement as “where we are?” and “where we want to be?” HSE section is providing services of gap analysis regarding HSE compliance of existing and new system.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Risk Assessment
PIA has established an effective mechanism through which all significant hazards are identified, analyzed, assessed their existing controls, and recommend additional controls to mitigate the unacceptable risk level, if needed. Our HSE specialists assist other departments to carry out this exercise on regular basis.

Study of environmental Aspects and their Impacts
PIA contributes towards social responsibility for the society towards green environment and protection of natural resources. Our qualified HSE Lead auditors monitor environmental aspects and analyze significance of their impacts to the environment through environmental audits and random inspections.

HSE Audits & Inspections
Audit is an effective tool by which health of any management system can be monitored. HSE section conducts scheduled audits and random inspections for assessing level of HSE compliance against the audit criteria.

Food Hygiene & HACCP Audits
HSE section conducts HACCP based food safety audits and inspections to monitor the hygienic standards of PIA flight kitchens, food suppliers/contractors.

HSE Training
To create the basic awareness of Health Safety & Environment, HSE section imparts the training module to all tiers of the management.

Energy Conservation
Being a developing nation it is our prime responsibility to conserve energy resources for our upcoming generations. HSE section is playing a pivotal role through energy audits and inculcating a culture amongst employees to save energy through different ways.

Fire Protection Services
Fire Fighting Training
PIA offers Fire Response and Customized Fire Safety Training for general employees, fire wardens and emergency team members. This service is being provided to national and multinational companies.

Fire Safety Survey
PIA has a team of qualified and experienced fire officers for carrying out Fire Safety Inspection and Survey of a property to evaluate the danger to life from fire and to evaluate and to determine ways for minimizing fire risk to buildings and contents.

Installations Management
There is a system in place for inspection, maintenance and testing of portable and fixed fire protection installations. The expertise to introduce the same is available for interested clients.

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