Online Booking Conditions

Flight changes are now made easy for online customers. Access your ticketed flights under your booking from ‘My Booking’ function of the website and App and process the desired flight changes.

Customers are requested to please see the booking conditions for the applicable change fee. Country-wise booking conditions are available under our ‘Booking Conditions & Penalties’ section of PIA website and app for applicable charges on any voluntary changes. For details please call PIA Contact Centre.

Ancillary Services

Customers can now purchase extra services such as a seat assignment, extra baggage and airport lounge access from the Manage Booking section for any flights purchased previously from PIA website and Mobile App.


Refunding online tickets is now made easy. Online Customers can access their booking, and process refunds for full itinerary. Customers desiring to cancel their booking, may select all the flights and follow the link to the web page to cancel/obtain a full refund for the entire journey.

For partial refunds, please contact the PIA call centre to cancel your any valid booking/itinerary and then feel free to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with booking details and last four digits of your credit/debit card or call the PIA Call centre for further assistance.

For applicable penalties on voluntary refunds, customers may see the applicable charges provided for every country of travel under our ‘Booking Conditions & Penalties’ section of PIA website and app.

Online Payment Conditions

Online payments made through credit or debits cards through PIA website or PIA Mobile App are processed through automated and secure payment gateway subject to fraud screening processes. Online customers are advised to enter correct credit/debit card billing address along with card holder information. Failure to do so may lead to payment rejections and price changes without prejudice to the airline.

Any case of fraud/embezzlement with the online booking process will be subjected to appropriate legal action. PIA may require the passenger to provide additional payment verification before or at the time of check-in. For payments which may have been disputed or reported as fraud by the card issuing bank, guarantee payment may be collected from the travelling passenger at the time of travel, before or after.

Customers are requested to ensure providing valid email address and contact number both at origin and destination (in case of overseas travel). Airline reserves the right to deny boarding on tickets issued from web and mobile where customer fails to provide card holders contact details or conditional online payment may be linked to fraudulent activity.

Additional Bank Fee

For information pertaining to the applicable fee on website credit and debit card payments, Customers are requested to check their card issuer’s schedule of bank charges prior to purchasing the ticket and confirm if their card issuer will charge any additional fee on the web/mobile purchases.

Conditions of payment in foreign currency while purchasing online with PIA website and Mobile App.

Currency Options

Online customers have the option to convert their payment in desired foreign currency during booking process. Please note that following conditions apply if ticket is bought with currency conversion.

  • Option to convert currency is only available on PIA website and mobile app for ticket purchases and selected additional services. PIA is not liable to provide the currency conversion option.
  • Applicable exchange rate will be binding for bookings made which may vary.

Credit/Debit Card Excess Charges

Card issuer banks may charge additional fees to certain customers. Pakistan International Airlines has no role or influence in the application of such charges.